America vs Europe

Båstad, Sweden.


A world class tournament!

The best paddle tennis players in the world met in Båstad from July 29 to 31 to play the first edition of a unique competition in the world: America vs Europe

America vs Europe Cup is a team paddle tennis tournament, which consists of a match between selected teams from America and Europe, (similar to the Laver Cup of Tennis or the Ryder Cup of Golf).

The founder and CEO of the competition is the Argentine businessman Lisandro Borges, who created the tournament in 2018: «It is very important for padel that it finally has its own Laver Cup, since the tournament presents the best male padel players of the world in a completely unique way, which will turn it into a true celebration of paddle tennis, which will be loved by the fans and embraced by the players ”.

«It makes me very happy that the competition takes place in the city of Båstad, Sweden, since the last competitions of the World Padel Tour that have been held there were very successful», says Borges.

The competition comes just in time, since for many years the Argentines have dominated the circuit, but there has been a change of throne and Spain has taken over. Now the Padel is at its peak and there are several nationalities that already have excellent representatives.

The best players in the world were present and competed for a historic prize «€ 100,000»

The event is a collaboration between Euro Finans, Arena Båstad and Hotel Skansen.

Reza Deheshjoo – Tournament Director


Each team is made up of 10 players and a captain who will select them for each game.

The competition will have three matches a day and each of them will be played in two sets, and in the event of a tie there will be a ‘super tie-break’ at 10 points.

The first to reach 11 points wins!

Points and matches

4 matches – Each match is worth 1 point

3 matches – Each match is worth 2 points

2 games – The first game is worth 4 points and the second game is worth 6 points. In the event of a tie in points, a final set will be played.


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